Parent Association

Who are we?

If you are a parent, a guardian or family member of a child at Rangeworthy School you are a member of the School Association. The School Association’s purpose is to organise events and activities which help support the school to advance the learning of all the children. If you would like to become more involved in the School Association or have any ideas for fundraising please talk to one of the committee in the playground or contact us on

Do you do online shopping? Before you buy please check to see if your retailer is on If so, register, search for Rangeworthy School Association and buy through the easyfundraising portal. It costs you no extra and percentage of your total bill is donated to the School Association.

In the past year the Parent Association have raised vital funds for Rangeworthy school, contributing to various aspects of school life, including: trips, books and CDs, Scrap Store membership and the playground gazebo.  Helping to enrich the learning experience of each child at Rangeworthy.

The Parent Association also run a Winners Club, you may have heard of it.  Members donate £10 every April and October.  Half the money raised goes into Rangeworthy Primary School Association’s fund.  The other half goes into a monthly prize draw.  If you are interested in joining, please contact our treasurer, Emma Richardson at for further details.

Up and coming events:

School Association Meetings

Next Event

  • Movie Night – 30th November
  • Valentine Disco – 8th February