As you know, we have a house system in school for sports day where each child belongs to a house – either foxes, rabbits or squirrels.

From September, we are going to develop this house system further so that the children’s individual points are counted towards a house total. We also intend to hold additional house events throughout the year which will culminate in the awarding of the house cup at the end of the year. To help support us with this, we have now arranged for our uniform suppliers, Initially Yours, to provide PE t-shirts in the house colours with the house name and logo printed on them.

Children new to Reception are being encouraged to purchase these. There is obviously no expectation that anybody replaces existing t-shirts but when your child grows out of their t-shirt, please could you replace it with one of our house t-shirts?

The house colours are:

Foxes – red

Squirrels – yellow

Rabbits – blue