Christmas at Rangeworthy

Children in Need

Today we have been celebrating ‘Children in Need’ day by wearing clothes in the theme of ‘Do your thing’. The children are also performing in a fashion show and holding a cake sale after school to raise money for the charity. Thank you very much for your support with costumes and for your cake contributions. We raised £190 in total through dressing up and cake sales.

Children in Need

Level 2 Bikeability Course

The Year 6 children began their Level 2 Bikeability Course this afternoon. The course runs for 5 sessions and takes place on local streets, giving the children a real cycling experience. They will learn how to deal with traffic on short journeys such as cycling to school or the local shops.

Bronze Level in the School Games Awards!

We are pleased to say that we achieved Bronze level in the School Games Awards! We achieved this in October 2016 and we are now aiming to get the Silver award for 2017.

Bronze Games

Harvest Festival

The theme for the Harvest Service was ‘Teamwork’.

Class 1 performed ‘The Little Red Hen’ story. Class 2 spoke about one of our new learning characters: ‘The Worker Bee’. They have been finding out about how this fascinating creature works with the rest of its hive to survive. Class 3 presented their work on World War 1. They have been finding out about how men, women, children and even animals all pulled together to help win the war.

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Thank you very much for your kind donations of cakes and for attending our Macmillan coffee morning. A total of £69.30 was raised to support this very important charity. Well done and thank you.


Dogs’ Trust

Last week, we had a visit from the Dogs’ Trust who conducted workshops with Class 1 on how to be safe around dogs.

They also gave a whole school assembly to remind all the children when not to approach a dog and how to ask an owner if they can stroke their dog.

Dogs Trust

Our New Outdoor Classroom

We are now the proud owners of a brand new gazebo/outdoor classroom.

The work was completed during September and we are all delighted with the result—the children now have a fantastic area to spend time sitting and chatting or reading at lunch and playtimes.

This was only possible due to the fund-raising of the school association and a generous donation from the Chipping Sodbury Rotary Club. Thank you!

Outdoor Classroom

Yate Heritage Centre comes to Rangeworthy

On Thursday 4th May, Cherry Hubbard from Yate Heritage Centre came to school to talk to children in classes 1 and 2.

Children in class 1 learned all about what it would have been like to visit the seaside during Victorian times.

Class 2 found out all about the Romans and Roman medicine.

The children will use all of this interest-ing information in their topic work and also as a stimulus for their writing.

Easter / Spring Hat competition

The children  were really getting into the spirit of Spring this week with our Easter and Spring hat competition. Each child was given the homework task of creating an Easter / Spring hat. Every child who took part (which was every single one of them!) was awarded 2 house points. In addition, there were extra house points to be gained for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place positions as well as most creative.

The children showed off their hats, catwalk style, in the hall where they were judged by Mrs Mullen and Mrs Tudor.

Road Safety workshop

Class 2 and 3 took part in a Road Safety workshop last week. This was run by South Gloucestershire Road Safety Team.

The children rotated through 3 different stations where they learned about bike safety, seatbelt safety and crossing the road safely.

Parliament Day

On Tuesday 23rd February, children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 took part in an afternoon of workshops to help them to develop their understanding of democracy and how our houses of Parliament work.

They learned about voting and also took part in a debate where they showed very strong skills in presenting their arguments.

Parliament Day

E-safety Event

Parents were invited to attend our E-safety event on Friday. Each class presented some information based on the different aspects of E-safety that they had been learning about during the term.


Fire Engine Visit

On Friday 8th January, the promised visit from the Fire Service to Class 1 took place!

The firefighters came in to talk to the children about fire safety. They also showed the children their fire engine and gave them some tips on what to do in the event of an emergency.

One really interesting thing which was raised was the need for children to know their own home address and phone number . They also taught the children to ‘Stop, drop and roll’ if their clothing was to catch fire.

The children had a really interesting afternoon and the firefighters were impressed by the children’s excellent behaviour!

Fire Engine Visit