Curriculum Statement

Rangeworthy C of E Primary School is on a journey of curriculum development. This journey will involve individual curriculum subjects being developed on a three-year rolling programme, alongside annual development of English and Maths. In addition to this, computing is being developed as part of the Domino Alliance and R.E. will continually remain as a focus through the Ethos committee. The three-year rolling programme is recorded below

2019-2020 – History, geography and art

2020-2021 – Music, science and P.E.

2021-2022 – MFL (French), PSEE and DT


The curriculum at Rangeworthy C of E Primary school is one which aims to ensure children

  • Are equipped to academically, emotionally and socially thrive in both primary and secondary schools and beyond.
  • Develop their own attributes through living the school moto of ‘Let Your Light Shine.’
  • Know how to keep themselves fit and healthy, both mentally and physically.
  • Demonstrate the core values of respect, responsibility and friendship in the way they conduct themselves.

Being academically, emotionally and socially successful:

We understand the need for children to reach the government’s expected standard in order for them to be able to cope with the academic challenges which they face at both primary and secondary schools and in life. Time is dedicated to ensuring that children can read fluently, and learn from a wide range of authors, and write with passion about a variety of subjects, through English lessons which use high quality texts as a stimulus. We want to foster a love of reading in our children, and enable them to see themselves as authors. Mathematically, we teach children to be fluent in basic mathematical skills, with a cross-curricula approach,  and to be able to reason with and apply these skills to mathematical problems.

Through our personalised curriculum, the school ensures that emotional and social needs of the individual are met by providing a comprehensive intervention programme.    

Our place in the world (Let Your Light Shine)

We believe that learners are entitled to an education that equips them with the knowledge, skills and values they need to embrace the opportunities and challenges they encounter, creating a future they want to live in. For this, we believe that children need to have a good understanding  of which attributes and personal interests they possess and how to maximise these. Real life contexts enable learners to think as global citizens, making sense of a world marked by division, conflict, environmental change, extreme inequality and poverty and taking appropriate action to reduce these inequalities by applying the school’s core values of respect, friendship and responsibility . This promotes discussion, debate and communication where children are able to consider different perspectives and points of view on global issues. We want children to ‘be present in the world’ and to be critical thinkers, who can decide what is right and what is wrong and are resilient to the influence of others. Forest Experience enhances this learning and appreciation of the natural world.

Keeping fit and healthy: body and mind:

As well as knowing how to look after their bodies, we teach children to look after their brains, and ensure they are ready to learn. We encourage leaners to reflect on their learning and act upon feedback to make it even better. We use learning characters to hook the children into evaluating their attitudes and ways of learning.

A programme of physical activities within school time and afterschool enables the children to see the benefit of exercise and the children are taught how to stay safe in the modern world. Children focus on their personal development and growth by applying ‘Let Your Light Shine

Demonstrate the core values of respect, responsibility and friendship in the way they conduct themselves:

As a church school, we encourage children to constantly live the school’s three-core values of respect, friendship and responsibility.

Steeped and underpinned by biblical literature, the three-core values chosen by the school community, demonstrate how the school prepares children for their journey throughout life.