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Class 3 Learning Gallery

We are the Year 5 and Year 6 class and we are taught by taught by Mrs Warnock. Here we have a selection of images showing some of the work we have done in class. To download our Curriculum Overview and Class Newsletter – Click here

Useful links for Homework etc.- www.iboard.co.uk/teacher/mrswarnock

Class 3 Science

In Science lessons, Class 3 has been learning about materials and their properties. We started by learning lots of different scientific terminology to describe materials such as opaque, rigid, impermeable, magnetic. We have investigated materials to test their thermal insulation properties and also tested them to check if they could conduct electricity.

After mixing different solids with water to find out which were soluble and insoluble, the children designed and carried out an investigation to test which variables affected the rate at which sugar dissolved in water.

This week, they have explored ways to separate materials by using a magnet, sieving, filtering and evaporation.


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