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Class 2 Learning Gallery

We are the Year 3 and Year 4 class and we are taught by Mrs Tarplee. Here we have a selection of images showing some of the work we have done in class. To download our Curriculum Overview and Class Newsletter – Click here

Class 2 Creative Curriculum – From The Stone Age to The Iron Age

Class 2 has been busy finding out about life in The Stone Age. We started by looking at the different sources of evidence used by archaeologists. We looked at lots of cave paintings that have been found in different countries across the world. In particular, we looked at the cave paintings found in the Lascaux and Peche de Merle caves in France. We thought carefully about what the paintings tell us about life thousands of years ago.

The children were keen to paint their own cave paintings to decorate a model cave of their own. We constructed a cave in a corner of Class 2 and the children used chalks, paints, feathers, twigs, leaves to create their own paintings. They even practised painting underneath the tables to see how tricky it was for the cave painters who painted on the ceiling!



Our displays, children and children’s work

Take a look at our artwork, our work and displays and sometimes even us!