Church/School Partnership

Rangeworthy C of E Primary School and Holy Trinity Church work very closely together embedding the schools Christian based core values of respect, responsibility and friendship. The pupils visit the church regularly to conduct Collective Worship within the confines of this magnificent building. Furthermore, members of the clergy and congregation deliver Collective Worship within Rangeworthy School. Both establishments have gained so much from this opportunity.

Children’s views of the school and church partnership –

“It is great to have visitors from the local church to school because it brings the church to school (Herbie, year 1)”

“Hymn practise is enjoyable” (Sam, year 1)

“When we visit the church to do our nativity it is fun” (Ted, year 1)

“The church is quiet and peaceful so I can pray” (Jude, year 3)

“It is nice to be in the church” (Bob, year 2)

Special Services

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Harvest Assembly 2020