School trips

A letter will be sent before each trip, detailing costs and requesting permission of the parents for the child to participate. Voluntary contributions towards the cost of the trip will be asked for. These will be calculated in such a way that they broadly cover the cost of the trip and will always cover individual insurance.

If any parent is unable or unwilling to pay all or part of the cost involved, this will in no way prevent the child or children from participating.

If few or no parents volunteer to pay, it may mean that the trip will not take place and any monies pre-paid will be refunded.

Discretion will be exercised by the Head teacher regarding families on low income and/or with more than two children regarding payment.

The cost of longer activities (school camp) is covered by different legislation (see Appendix 1) and this will be addressed as a separate issue to the parents concerned.


Swimming lessons are provided each year for children in KS2 with the aim that all children will be able to swim a minimum of 25m. The cost of swimming for the whole school is based on total cost, divided by the number of children attending. We currently go swimming for an 8 week block in the Spring term when children also have the opportunity to use the large sports hall facilities at Thornbury Leisure Centre.

Music lessons

The cost of tuition fees for music lessons taught by peripatetic teachers will be met by parents.

If a school instrument is used, there will be a hire cost payable to school, to cover maintenance of the instrument.

Tuition fees are calculated by dividing the teacher’s fee by the number of children who have signed up for lessons. As these costs have to be met whether or not children complete the terms, a term’s written notice from parents is required if a child decides to discontinue lessons.

See our Charging and Remissions Policy