Rangeworthy CE VC Primary School Staff and Governors believe that children’s regular and punctual attendance is vital. We believe that strong links exist between attendance and achievement and that if key learning is missed during a period of absence then a child may experience difficulty in catching up on missed work. Non-attendance can also have a negative affect on social relationships with others in school. The school works alongside parents and the Local Education Authority in promoting regular attendance.

Promoting, recording and monitoring attendance at Rangeworthy Primary is a priority because:

  • It records the safe arrival of pupils in school, and allows the safety of pupils to be checked in the event of an incident or fire;
  • It prevents truanting;
  • It promotes high achievement;
  • It ensures maximum social experience and promotes social inclusion.

To support the achievement of regular attendance, Rangeworthy Primary will set annual targets and track attendance, in consultation with the Education Welfare Service. These targets will be set for the whole school and each class and 100% attendance celebrated.

Attendance at the school has been high over an extended period of time –the school attendance as of the end of termlet 1 (2019) is 96.65%.

See our Attendance Policy